Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I went to Michigan for Thanksgiving. It was fun times with family. I actually had a bit of a conversation with one of my cousins. We have not talked too much in the past 10 years or so. It was nice to see that she was actually willing to talk. I had fun at my Aunt's house. She is the coolest aunt's that I have. I was looking forward to getting up at 5 am on Friday to go shopping. Well, that did not happen. My mom and sister did not want to get up that early.

When I got home Sunday, I checked my mail and found a package from my Secret Pal!

Here are the goodies that I received:
There are a couple of snowmen ornaments, an angel ornament, a pail with children making a snowman, a votive crock with a votive candle in the most yummy scent (Christmas cookie), sock yarn in a pretty colorway, and a note.

Thanks Secret Pal!

So the other week I bought a hand held game. Well not really a game, but a virtual pet. I created a dog named Maggie. She barks, sniffs, and does tricks. I have to make her eat, drink, sleep, go to the bathroom, and groom her. There are a couple more things she does, but I can't remember what it is. So far I have gone through three sets of batteries. Right now I am taking her on a "walk". It is kinda fun, but it starting to lose the excitement.

The next week I will be very busy at work. One of my tellers came to me and put in a one week notice. He has been gone for a week now. I was also told that another one of my tellers would be transferred to another branch. With being down two people I am getting ready to move to a new branch. I was lucky today. I had help from someone that has done this before. She boxed up and cleaned out drawers all day. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I know we are on the right track. What she did today really helped me out. Since I am now running a teller drawer and still doing my job. I can't get away long enough to box up stuff. Well, only one more week of this and I will be able to relax a bit.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to do....

So I am off the next three days!!!!! I have my days planned so far. Wednesday morning I am going to work out, pay a couple of bills, and clean my apartment. In the afternoon I am going to pick up my Dad and we are going to go get a bra for my car. Since I drive so much on the highway, I decided that I should get a bra for the front of the car. On the last car I had, there were many paint chips on the hood. Then, he and I are going to set up for a craft fair at my Mom's work. I also plan on getting some knitting done in the afternoon.

Thursday I have a meeting that I might just skip. I also have to meet my Dad at the craft fair to sell my sister's and my stuff. She makes soap and other bath type products, while I make candles and smelly jellies. I hope we do well. This year it is only one day. The past years it was two days.

Friday I plan on knitting (I have to finish the Christmas present before Christmas), going to a movie, working out and just relaxing.

Saturday I have to work, but will be checking on the Michigan/Ohio game. GO BLUE!!!!! Yep that is correct. I live in Ohio, but root for Michigan.

So, blogger has a new template/site. I think that I was stupid and switched over. I am not sure if it will allow comments or not. We will see.....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I've Got Mail

I received mail from my Secret Pal today!!!!

This is what I got:

Check out the cute lambs!

Here are pictures of Scarlet Spitfire...Thank you for the suggestions! A redhead for a redhead :)

On the knitting front....Well there isn't much different. I am very busy at work and I seem to fall asleep on the couch when I get home. I do not trust myself with knitting lace. I have to count and concentrate. I did knit some tonight, but not much. I guess every little bit helps. I need to buckle down and work on it. I will have time next week to work on it. I am off Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sun. Wed and Thurs I am getting ready for and working a craft fair. I have to make some candles and smelly jellies on Wed for the show on Thurs. Friday will be all mine, so I plan on putting more of a dent in the shawl.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


So, my week stated off pretty bad, but is ending GREAT!

I took the "Green Lightning" (my 2000 green Sunfire) to the dealership for an oil change, they quoted $1200.00 in repairs. Well, this has been going on for the past year. $300-900 in repairs. I decided to not do the repairs and to trade her in. She was a decent car... She will be missed.... So, tonight I picked up the new car. It is a red Chevy Cobalt. Not a bright red, but a dark red that is more of a wine color. Nice smooth ride too. I can't believe the difference of the two cars. Duhh....I should know the difference 7 year old car to a new....yep there should be a bit of difference.

I will post pictures at a later date. It was dark outside when I picked her up.

I also need to come up with a name for her. I had a "Blue Bullet" and "Green Lightning". Now I have to come up with the Red....???? Any ideas?