Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to do....

So I am off the next three days!!!!! I have my days planned so far. Wednesday morning I am going to work out, pay a couple of bills, and clean my apartment. In the afternoon I am going to pick up my Dad and we are going to go get a bra for my car. Since I drive so much on the highway, I decided that I should get a bra for the front of the car. On the last car I had, there were many paint chips on the hood. Then, he and I are going to set up for a craft fair at my Mom's work. I also plan on getting some knitting done in the afternoon.

Thursday I have a meeting that I might just skip. I also have to meet my Dad at the craft fair to sell my sister's and my stuff. She makes soap and other bath type products, while I make candles and smelly jellies. I hope we do well. This year it is only one day. The past years it was two days.

Friday I plan on knitting (I have to finish the Christmas present before Christmas), going to a movie, working out and just relaxing.

Saturday I have to work, but will be checking on the Michigan/Ohio game. GO BLUE!!!!! Yep that is correct. I live in Ohio, but root for Michigan.

So, blogger has a new template/site. I think that I was stupid and switched over. I am not sure if it will allow comments or not. We will see.....


  • At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm tired listening to all you're doing on your time "off"! Good luck with the sale! (switching versions of Blogger is scary, isn't it? Probalby why I put it off!)


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