Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanks....and OH NO!

Update on the past week:

In the past week I gave a presentation, moved into a new branch, got a cold, and received the best package from my Secret Pal.

I am now feeling much better. The past couple of days I felt like a wash rag. Today I finally feel almost normal. I am not blowing my nose or coughing much.
So here are the neat things my Secret Pal sent last week:

The package contained purple slipper-socks, a bar of jasmine soap, and a purple washcloth. The photo doesn't really show the bar of soap really well, but it is purple too.
How cool is that! I love the color purple!

The penguin card is too cute too!
Thanks SP!

Here is my modeling debut....I promise never to model again :)

Thanks again SP.
OK, so now for the "OH NO" part of the title. I have, say, about a week to finish the Adamas shawl for my sister. I am close to finishing it. I think that I will do only 13 of the 14 repeats, just to finish it on time. I will then have to do the edging, which I hope will not take too long. I will then have to block it. I figure if I can knit the rest of it by next week, I will have enough time to block it. I want this to look pretty when she opens up the present. Oh I just can't wait. I plan on posting pics soon of it off the needle....
With that, I think that I will get going to knit the rest of the repeat that I am in.


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