Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SHHHHH.......Don't tell.....

I am updating the blog while at work....

So I started the lace shawl on Monday. I had to take the pattern to the local yarn store to have them help me decipher the notes. She was just about as confused as I was. I should just trust the pattern and knit.....So, that it what I am doing. I am almost finished with the one section of the pattern (which is not much). I bought a magnetic chart holder from Knit Picks yesterday, I hope that this will help me with keeping track of where I am while knitting. I have faith that this will be finished by Christmas time. I will post a pic in a couple of days.

Oh by the way, I am finally using my Denise needles. I bought them awhile ago, but haven't used them. So far I like them.

Gotta get back to work :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Second Purple Sock

I finished the second purple sock Saturday night. Here is a pic of it!

Since I am off today, I will be visiting my LYS. Hopefully they can help me figure out the Adamas Shawl. I am still confused on this one. I have googled help on it, but really got no where.

Well, I should post this before I get disconnected again.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Home alone again

Well, I am home alone again. I am dog sitting for my parents while they are away for a couple of days. I am not used to their bare with me....

On the knitting front: I am, I would like to think, more than half way thru my second purple sock. YEAH!!! I am starting to get sock syndrome. I like to see the progress, but I am getting tired of socks. I have a HUGE feat ahead of me....I am going to start a lace shawl for my sister for Christmas. (She does not know what my blog name is, so it is safe to say what I am making her). I have a pattern for the Adamas Shawl from KnitPicks. I am SO confused with the pattern.....I just have to try it I guess. I might take it to the local yarn shop to see if they can advise me on how to work it out.

Other things: I received a Thank You note from one of my customers last week. I saved him a couple of thousand dollars in a fraudulent wire earlier in the year. Well, inside the note was a $100 bill. Now, what do I buy with it? I was thinking of saving it for the Disney trip later in September. Or, do I use it to get gift cards to Best Buy from Giant Eagle (a local grocery store) to earn 40 cents off of gas? (they are giving 20 cents credit for every $50 spent towards usually is 10 cents, but for the next month it is increased!) OK, back to what I was saying. Taking the gift card(s) to Best Buy to get a digital camera? Hmmm....what to do.... If I get the camera now, I can use it at Disney....

What should I do this weekend? I plan on going to work out in the morning, then going to Verizon to get my new phone! My two year contract is up and I want a new phone. I might get a pink RAZR, or that new phone called the "chocolate". More decisions that I have to make. I hate making decisions. I am leaning towards the RAZR, but I don't have an iPod, so the Chocolate sounds like a good choice, since it is part mP3 player. I will find out in the morning what is good for me. I might also dye some of the yarn from KnitPicks that I got last week. Since my parents are not home, I can cover up their island and go to town on making a mess :)

Off to knit some more on the purple sock! CHAO

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ahh The Joy's of Apartment Living

So it is almost 2:30 in the morning...Can't sleep? NOPE! I can't fall asleep because of the morons next door to me. There are three of them fighting. It lasts more than two hours. The cops come out TWICE and take the three idiots into the hallway....SMART??? Nope, I say.

From what I heard, one of them is from West Virginia. He was taken to jail. He has a $500 bond on him because he is from out of state. The other two got to stay in the apartment. Why??? I don't know.

It was kinda neat to see the cops come with their tazers pulled (gotta love a man in uniform...oh so HOTTTT). Yes, I was looking out the peep hole in the door. What else am I to do? If they want to blare their news in the hallway, it is open game. I think that they were having a "lover's quarrel". Both times the cops left, they were laughing at the guy's. The guy from West Virginia told the cops to eat some more doughnuts, and then started to cry and ask why he was being taken to jail..... boooo hoooo hoooooo....oh yeah the guy did not even know his address, strange I say.

I do feel bad for the guy who's head was smashed in. I heard that he took a chair to the noggin. It did sound kinda bad from my bedroom (which is next to their bedroom....yea me! I am glad that I don't hear gay sex at all times of day/night).

Well on a different note, I heard from an old high school pal tonight! It was great to see an email from her and that she wanted to chat. How cool is that???? When I go to visit my sister in Michigan, I drive past her parents house and think that I need to find where she is and catch up on old times with her! I hope she responds to my email...I am pretty sure that she will.

Oh, I saw the hottie from my building again tonight. We have crossed paths a couple of times in the past week or two. I had just gotten McDonald's (yep, had nothing in the fridge), and he was waiting for the elevator. I waited for a couple of seconds, but was too embarrassed to get on, so I walked down the hall to the stairs and walked up 5 flights...hey I had to work off the junk I was about to consume, so it seemed like a good plan to me. But I probably would have had a better time getting on the elevator. Every time we pass he says hello to me. Is he friendly or interested? Hmmm....darn I really should have gotten on the elevator. Oh well, there will be another time I run into him.

I am watching Moulin Rouge. I have to say Ewan McGregor....ahhh....sigh....lovely....

Well do I go back to bed or drink a beer???? Hmmm the beer seems pretty nice, so I think that I will guzzle one down and then go to bed in awhile.

Monday, August 07, 2006

New flowers

So the one and only plant that I own has flowers again! I have had this plant for three years. The first year it bloomed only once, that was when I received it. Then finally this year it bloomed TWICE! I really don't know how this happened. I did not water the plant for a couple of weeks, so maybe I am watering too much.

I received a Knit Picks package that was on back order from a couple of months ago. It was two skeins of worsted weight dye-it-yourself. I am planning out what I will color them. I think that I will dye them in a couple of weeks when I am dog sitting at my parents house. There is more room for me to spread out. I can't wait to get this started. Hmmm....what to create :)