Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My SP is the BEST!!!!

So you think that you have the best Secret Pal? Well you do not! I DO!!!!!
I had a blast this round. Thanks Lynn!
I received my last package today. I really enjoyed getting to know her. Her blog is:
Here are the pictures:

There was so much in the package that I had to break it up into two pictures! WOW!

Ok, so in the picture on the left: There is a set of bags with Mickey Mouse! a picture frame with purple flowers and jewels, a box of Moose Munch Crunch in caramel by Harry and David (love their stuff!) a magnet that says "so much yarn so little time" and a set of point protectors in the shape of socks!

The picture on the right: A very nice reveal letter from Lynn, note cards with my name on them (Michelle) a book "Knitting Without Tears" (glancing thru it, there looks like some cool patterns...even a pattern for mittens that I think I would like to try), there was 4 skeins of yarn! One on the left is from a spinning mill called Harrisville Designs in New Hampshire where they card and spin their own yarns (how cool), the blue and pink yarns are from Knit Picks (love them!!!) the yarn is called Palette in the colors blush and pool.

Thank you Secret Pal Lynn!

Now I have another picture:

When I was moving things off the top of my yarn bureau, I saw this teddy that my aunt gave me. She has a set of needles, a ball of yarn, and a knitting bag that says "Knitting Is My Bag". How cute is she? I also put my two bears that are sisters....I bought one in Ohio here and one when I was in Canada.
Recently my aunt gave me another bear. I have not put her out yet because I need a stand. I have been too lazy to look for one. Until then she will stay protected in the box. I might want to keep her in the box anyway, she has a pretty white cloak that I think might get a little dirty...but then again, I would like to enjoy seeing her out with the other bears.
The same aunt had gall bladder surgery last week. What was to be a 45 min surgery turned out to be a 6 1/2 hour ordeal. She had some pretty big stones that had to be chipped away. She was supposed to be sent home later that night. Because of the longer surgery, she will have a 7-8 day stay. I was hoping to see her this weekend, but she is not up to having visitors. I hope she recovers quickly. Please send a prayer for quick healing!


  • At 8:14 PM, Blogger Jennifer Coomer said…

    My bff just got me that book recently. I've not read a lot of it. But it describes my desire for perfect knitting. No tears.


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