Wednesday, September 13, 2006

blogger is too silly for me to figure out.

I tried to post some pics, but they are not showing up. Is it a user malfunction? I don't think so...but probably :)
These are the pics that I promised from the last entry

This is what I got from my Secret Pal Rachel

Along with this pattern:

I bought the noro in Michigan

I also bought this alpaca in Michigan

Monday, September 11, 2006

My weekend

I got back from Michigan yesterday. I visited my aunt in Marshall and my aunt in Hastings Michigan. The aunt in Hastings fell three weeks ago and broke her hip. My mom, aunt from Marshall and I visited her in tendercare. She is staying there until she is well enough to walk on her own. She is doing much better.

I was in Michigan because Marshall has a historical homes tour. It is a huge open house. Some of the houses are strangely decorated, and some are nice and homey. Most of them look stuffy. Anyway, when we were planning the route we would take from house to house, we made a note to visit the local yarn shop! :) Here is what I bought: well I tried uploading pics to blogger, but there is problems. I will try at a later time. Anyway, I bought some Atacama in a rose/red colorway, Noro Kureyon in a black/grey/red colorway.

When I got back home, I received my last package from my Secret Pal! In the package was two balls of sock yarn that is grey. Very soft and nice. Also two skeins of Andes wool in a red/blue/purple colorway. Very nice. There was a patter for a felted purse...I will use the Andes wool for the purse :) Also in the package was a bar of chocolate YUMMY! I have used restraint and have not tried any yet. There was a key chain from Oklahoma with a bison on it..the cool thing is there is a compass and a thermometer on it :) I like things like this. And there was a collectible thimble also from Oklahoma. A very nice package! Thank you very much Rachel!!!! I am sorry I could not post pics....I will try again later.