Monday, December 04, 2006

Hell Week....?

I think that I am going to call this week hell week. This is my 8th day straight at work. It will not end until Friday evening. This week is the final week at the bank inside the grocery store. We have a "real" bank built for us. The grocery store that the branch is in currently, is closing on Friday at 3. We need to be out at that time. We expected to be open until 5:30 on Friday. Rumor has it that we might close on Thursday. I would like that even better. I guess we are still waiting on another permit. The permit is for Radon....OH GEEE is what I am thinking. The new branch is built on a trash heap. It is supposed to be safe, but I am not sure how safe it will be if the Radon detectors go off often.

Well that is the end of the week, the begining of the week I have a presentation of a project that I am supposed to put into action at the branch. I am SO not ready for it. Oh yeah, the presentation is Tuesday. I still have to get together the "visual aide". I think that I have everything here, but I am just not motivated to get it together. I am a slacker.

I am sitting on the couch eatting a snack and watching TV. The only thing on is Brokeback Mountain. I have never seen this movie. I am kinda confused. I guess that is what happens when you start watching a movie half way through.

I am still working on the shawl. As I stated before, I am a slacker. I have been too lazy to do anything. I did get a chance to knit a few rows of it yesterday and today. I might knit a bit more tonight. I will knit some on Tuesday. I hope to finish it soon. Each row takes longer and longer to knit.

Well I think that I will buckle down and get my binder together for the presentation Tuesday.


  • At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh you know, as it gets colder we think, "Great! I can knit more!" Instead we find ourselves sitting on the couch, snacking, watching movies we really aren't interested in just because we can't physically bring ourselves to do anything else. Relax. It's not slacking. It's nature. Promise. And if it isn't, *I* have an even bigger problem than you! Hope the presentation went well! (I'm sure it did... reward yourself... watch another movie!)


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