Monday, February 05, 2007

past weeks

So in the past week I have turned another year older. I had fun with my sister and mom. I was hoping to do something with my mom, dad and sister, but it was a blustery day we were going to do something. We decided to stay in most of the day. We did go out to eat. I chose a bad place. Service was not good. The waitress was just awful, and the food was not good. We have been there before, but we will never go again. The waitress came by once and slammed the bread plates on the table. There were other things that happened but it is making me mad so I will just go on.

I was also on vacation this past week. I had to roll over a weeks worth of time from last year because I couldn't take it in December like I had planned. Since we were moving to the new branch I thought that it would not be fair to leave the branch. So I took it the week of my birthday.

It was super nice to not have to get up in the morning....although I was up around 8 or to sleep in a bit. I also did not have to go to bed "early" (early for me is 11:30). It was also nice sleeping thru most nights. I did have to go in on Wed...for the grand opening of the "new" branch that had been open for more than a month. Once again, I thought that it would not be fair to have the day off, so I worked it. What a "Team Player" I am...I should get a good review!

I watched movies and TV while I was off. I was happy to sit on the couch and just veg out.

As I was doing the payroll today, I noticed that I have a total of 160 hours of vacation this year!!! COOL!! another three weeks. I also think that there might be another 6 days added into it because of "personal" time that we are allotted this year instead of "sick" time.

Today I thought that I would be overwhelmed. I was not. I was searching for things to do. I started the monthly branch audit that I dread to do, but most of it is completed now. I have just bits and pieces of it left to do. I think that I have most of the "hard" part done :)

While I was off I took my sister and mom to the LYS. I told them to pick out yarn for socks. I think that I was smokin crack when I told them that I would knit them socks. I have the yarn, and now I have to get the ambition to start them. I am going to do it a different way this time. I have two sets of DPN's to knit two socks at the same time to avoid "second sock syndrome".

That is about all that is going on in my life.